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The number of smart phones, netbooks, MP3 players and cameras being used keeps growing rapidly around the globe. Each year the designs seem to be even lighter, the displays even larger. This requires more and more electricity and generates a growing need for opening up alternative energy resources. At the same time consumer behavior has changed dramatically.

In today’s throw-away societies the life span of hi-tech products keeps getting shorter. In light of the prevailing “zeitgeist” ecological sustainability is no longer a buzz word. How to get a grip on these extremely challenging developments is no longer the responsibility of a small “elite”. It requires a mind shift and changing consumer pattern of every single one of us.

Several years ago Solar Fidelity started to develop an innovative product line which aims at merging state-of-the art,portable solar technique with consumer electronics applications and modern design.

Goliath 8500 Powerbank
Available in June!

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