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Solar cell

We are using Triple Junction Solar cells. These kind of cells work on 3 different light waves and make safe, flexible, unbreakable and waterproof lamination possible.


Our long-term tests have proven, that simply stitching the solar cells is not the best method. There are risks involved that have an impact on longevity and opacity, which can result in lower energy output.

We therefore created a new, unique surface lamination technique.

Our new, unique lamination technique creates a completely smooth flap surface and avoids the possibility of shadowing. There will not be any kind of perforations on our solar cells which could result in treading water and oxidation.

One more advantage is the possibility to graphically design our solar cells, giving us the opportunity to create a whole new look for our bags.

Direct charging function

Our specially developed direct charging function allows direct charging (without a battery plugged in-between) of devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, navigation devices, batteries of digital cameras (for example Gopro or digital compact cameras). This saves time. When there is sun you can charge your device immediately and directly (without powerbank).

Moreover, it increases the charging efficiency as there are no energy transformation losses from battery to battery.


We are using optimized "Lithium Polymer Multi Cell" batteries. They are protected against heat, short circuit and deep discharge.
With up to 10600 mAh we also provide a lot of power to charge your devices, as for example a cellphone usually can be charged up to 7 times (assuming the phone has a 1500 mAh battery).

Our powerbanks have a built-in input voltage stabilisation, which is necessary for safe and efficient charging with solar energy and ensures a long battery life.

The powerbanks allow charging and discharging simultaneousely, which is important for iPhone users!

Goliath 8500 Powerbank
Available in June!

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