Solar Life

Our electronic gadgets need a lot of energy and most of the time they are out of battery when we need them the most. 

Our Vision:

ecologic sustainability

A mid-size water power plant is working every night only to charge our smartphones and laptops. If we collect the available solar energy during the daytime, we can charge our devices in the evening and save power.

independence from the wall socket

whether on vacation, picnicing, on the seaside, in the mountains, on a boat or hiking in the nature.

We are living in a time of mass consumation, in which products do not get repaired anymore but thrown away and bought new. Simultaneous to this we are challenged by new technologies. Knowing about the increasing importance of sustainability of electronical products, in 2006 we launched the project: "Solar Bag". Continuous development and testing is our daily business.

The result:

 ... is now available as  „solar fidelity“.

We communicate what's possible. We set an eye on sustainability and stand for mobile power generation for your electric devices.

Your reliable Brand.


What makes us unique and brings advantages to you:


1)      direct charging function

2)      full surface solar cell lamination

3)      designed solar cells

4)      exchangeable bag flaps

5)      innovative modular system

6)      high quality, functional bag design

7)      ecologic value

Goliath 8500 Powerbank
Available in June!

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