Speaker SP01



The mobile Solar Speaker SP 01 surprises with clear audio. The SP01 can be powered by 2 AA batteries or it's integrated solar cell. The solar cell works as power supply and sound membrane. External audio inputs like iPhone, Galaxy, Nokia and many more can be charged while playing, using solar power.


  • can charge smartphones such as iPhone, Galaxy, Nokia etc. in up to 2 hours
  • world's first fully energy autark speaker
  • excellent audio quality
  • power either using solar energy, 3 AA batteries or powerbanks
  • Tech Specs

  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 29 x 21 x 3 cm
  • Weight 380g
  • 3W solar cell
  • Stereo-Audio-Amplifier 3 Watt music power (max 8 Watt)
  • integrated USB Port stabilizes 5,3 Volt at max 550 mA
  • frequence range 200 Hz -17 KHz
  • Impedance 4Ω
  • Direct charging
  • Video

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